About Us


Pastor Steve

Growing up in Southern California was a life of riding my bike through the Orange Groves, going to Sunday School, playing baseball with my friends and cards with my Grandma. Family vacations were spent at the beach with my cousins. In many ways it was an idyllic life and then came the turmoil of the 60’s which awoke me to the harsh realities of a more complex world. By the end of the decade I was drafted into the Army and while in Vietnam, I seriously gave my life to Christ. I had come to the realization that only Jesus was able to live out life perfectly and I believed in his promise to return and restore the earth.

Shortly after I returned to the States,  God began to bless me. I met the fun and beautiful Cyndy. We were married in 1973 and have 5 grown children who now have families of their own. Life certainly is not ideal, nor am I Mr. Wonderful, but God has been faithful to keep working on me. As time has gone by I find myself more and more amazed at his love and goodness. It was never my intention to go into ministry, but I have been a pastor for over 30 years. I’m in love with God’s family – the Church. Even with all of our flaws, Christ somehow uses our humanity combined with his divinity in order to make us more like him.

Hopefully this gives you some sense of who I am, and Lord willing, someday I can have the opportunity to know you. Take care, Pastor Steve

Brian Kammer

Hey, my name’s Brian. I’ve been a so cal boy my whole life. I’m married to the greatest woman in the world and have two awesome daughters. I love making music for the Lord and leading others in worship. Best of all, I’m loved by a God who gave His life for me! That’s pretty rad!

Brandon Beukelman

Me?I Love Jesus, my family and people…and bringing the Lord to everyone I can.

Love hangin with my wife and kids. Learning about Jesus with others.

Like skating, surfing, making art and music.

I believe the message, love and forgiveness of Jesus is for everyone.

I’m kind of a freak… a Jesus freak, but a freak none the less.

Michelle Hines

Paula Harden

Mission Statement:

As a Christ centered church, the mission of West Cypress Church is to accomplish what Jesus commanded his followers. According to Matthew 28:18, we are under his authority to “… go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

How does West Cypress try to achieve this mission?

  1. Our congregation understands that it has the responsibility to work with God in seeking and saving the lost. We provide training in order to strengthen our members in the art of sharing Christ. We have deliberate strategies for bringing people to faith in Christ. Every third month our weekend services are designed with the unbeliever in mind. Our people are encouraged to invite their family and friends. During these Evangelistic weekend services we make a strong call for people to come forward and give their lives to Jesus Christ. We also have outreach projects aimed at meeting needs in our immediate community and needs in foreign communities. Our best tools are the personal lives of our people and the integrity of our church.
  2. We try to have a thought out disciple making process by providing scripture centered studies and experiences that are at three different levels. The following is a brief summary.
  3. Entry level studies on the fundamentals of the faith, assisting at various events, aiding teachers in the classroom, one day service projects and one day mission trips.
    1. Seminars and series on marriage, physical health, financial giving, parenting and the use of gifts of the Holy Spirit. Expository Bible studies that attempt to cover the whole of scripture. Positions of responsibility in the function of the church. Short term mission trips.
    2. A deeper level of discipleship includes advanced topical Bible studies in doctrine, spiritual formation and leadership. Mentoring is available as well as serving as church officers, taking the lead in community projects, mission trips and teaching.

All of this best happens in the relational context of small groups, congregational worship, friendships, and mentors. We target the needs of various age levels, men and women and any other group that God has gifted us to touch. Of course, with ‘Relational context’ come tension and love, transgression and mercy, the human and the Divine. So our efforts are made amidst prayer and with a dependency on the activity of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Our hope is that West Cypress can provide an environment where Christ will be formed in the lives of those who choose to be involved.